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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A synopsis on counter strike source config

Defination of counter strike source config

Kentucky Fried Hosting - Inspired by the fried chicken king, this web host was unique in fact that promised a free bucket of chicken for every hosting plan you purchased.  The bad thing was, sending chicken through US mail ended up with very stinky surprise once it made it to your house a few weeks later.

Of course, the terms & conditions of each hosting company and or hosting plan will vary, but most of the time, if you try to really go unlimited you will hit one of these limits:

Web Host Has Trouble Making Rent?

Tue, 23 Dec 2008 10:00:22 +0000
Even web hosts sometimes have a hard time making the rent it seems…
The problem started, when the web host was evicted, leaving a number of businesses and non-profit organizations without hosting.  What a Christmas present, your web hosting goes out right for the holidays.  It turns out the web host had problems with late ...]

Performance of Clustered Hosting

counter strike source config Products we recommend

Website hosting nowsadays is very competitive. Many web hosting companies offer
tonnes of features at very competitive prices. With so many choices in mind, how
do you choose the right host? I have tried many hosts over the years and finally
landed on one that I feel has the most complete features that I need at the best
possible price, ie BlueHost.


BlueHost provides hosting features that surpass the needs of large commercial

10 Gigabyte Hosting Space

Host 6 Domains on 1 Account!!!

2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts

250 GIGS of Transfer

SSL, FTP, Stats


2000/2002/2003 Front Page Extensions

Free Domain Forever!

Superb/Responsive Support Engineers

Reliability and Performance

So far, I have no problems with the speed and reliability of the server. Most of
my sites hosted by them were never down. If you have google toolbar installed,
just take a look at their page rank. has a page rank of 8 which is
rare for a web hosting company. This just shows how popular they are in the web.
If you look at their awards page, you will realized that they have a long
history of awards. This is a plus point because it shows that they care about
their customers and more importantly, their performance is consistent.


They have a good support section in the website. Based on my experience, most of
their emails are answered within 2 working days. Though not the fastest around,
their replies are honest and professional. Some hosts will answer you in such a
way that you need to pay them more money to get your problems solved.


In conclusion, BlueHost offers quality and reliable hosting for $6.95 a month
with no hidden charges. With generous disk space and bandwidth, it is unlikely
that you will exceed the quota every month. The many good reviews of BlueHost in
the web speaks for itself.

Click Here to go to BlueHost website.

Handango Inc.
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