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Sunday, October 12, 2008

All about stream servers

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Bluehost wordpress

Thu, 25 Sep 2008 15:07:46 +0000
WordPress script had been my favourite blog scriptfor many years. Wordpress update and release new version of script from time to time, usually will see new script release every month. If you are running WordPress blog, is adviced to update your site with the latest WordPress script.
If you are using Bluehost web hosting for your ...]

Free Hosting

Wed, 02 Jul 2008 03:44:24 -0500
There are lists of free hosting with any scripted allowed like asp, php, cgi, linux, perl and more

Amazon Content Delivery Network is Coming

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 13:29:38 +0000

Latest offering from Amazon Web Services? A Content Delivery Network! Got this from email a few minutes ago:

Many of you have asked us to let you know ahead of time about features and services that are currently under development so that you can better plan for how that functionality might integrate with your applications. To that end, we are excited to share some early details with you about a new offering we have under development here at AWS — a content delivery service.


So what do we know about Amazon’s CDN?

  • Pay as you go — no contract, no minimum payment. Very similar to S3 and other Amazon Web Services which scale down really well.

  • Global network on 3 continents. That probably means North America, Europe and Asia. Again us Aussies have to suffer long latency no matter what…

  • Web-based API — again just like S3. In fact it uses S3 as the storage. From the Amazon CDN page:

    You’ll start by storing the original version of your objects in Amazon S3, making sure they are publicly readable. Then, you’ll make a simple API call to register your bucket with the new content delivery service. This API call will return a new domain name for you to include in your web pages or application. When clients request an object using this domain name, they will be automatically routed to the nearest edge location for high performance delivery of your content. It’s that simple.

    Simple? Maybe. However it requires your application to tightly integrate with AWS so it can retrieve the latest domain and use it everywhere a static media object is required. Every time any file in the bucket is changed (fixing a bug in Javascript, for example), a new domain name will need to be generated.

Anyway. I signed up the queue to test out beta. It requires a bit of re-tooling but it won’t be too hard. CDN has been quite a competitive space lately. Let’s see whether Amazon will revolutionise the market.

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