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Friday, June 20, 2008

Information about domain name review

Best domain name review

By The Numbers…

You should fit into one of these hypothetical situations… Just keep in mind these are very ruff and you should give your hosting company stats so they can decide.

First thing you need to do is make record of your current IP address. If you are unsure how you can find your IP address a simple Google search for “what is my IP” will give you several Online resources that should get you that magical set of numbers that you desire. If all else fails, just bookmark

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Trust Level Control: Showing Customers Some TLC

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 00:00:00 EST
The hard truth about Service Level Agreements is that many service providers offer them with little or no consideration of whether their provisions can be met. Companies serious about establishing customer trust need to deliver on their promises.

Their way of handling is totally unacceptable and we have requested

refund via our credit card, as paypal does not provide this option for

anything that is not a physical item.

Now the next thing I want you to do is do a traceroute to see where the bottle neck might be. We covered the basics on how to do a traceroute a few weeks ago. For those of you still not sure here is the “quicky” version:

Today`s suggestion:

I'm quite happy that is short as this means I haven't had any big problem during
these months. Just 2 things to add to what I wrote in the past:

I've had seldom connectivity problems to our websites, I couldn't always check
if it was hostgator problem or other problem related to my connectivity but
sometimes it really looked like it was hostgator problem.

I'm just talking about few times for some minutes. Not really a problem for us.

The only really annoying thing it happened is that once one of our website
( has been discontinued because it loaded too much the server.
Generally speaking suspending a site because is loading too much the server
could even be a positive thing (you prevent the whole server sites to slow down
too much, you can have time to see if someone is "attacking" the server or the
site ecc.). What I'm complaining about is:

1) We received no warning about it, not before, not after the site was
suspended!!! We just realized it, wrote to support and got an answer after few

2) We received no details about the excessive load the server was experiencing
becasue of our site, no detail about where the problem could lie (too many sql
queries? too many hits? heavy php proccesses? ecc. ecc.) so as to understand
better if this could happen again and possibly how to solve the the problem.

All in all this leaves you with a scary impression: it just happened one time
but it could happen anytime not knowing why it happened (and why it stop

Having said that I still think hostgator provide a good service (that needs
improving though) and can confirm what I wrote in previous review.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

This is our humble presentation on domain name review. Your reading it will add the necessary weightage to the presentation.

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